Members Benefit

Value Proposition for Members

1. Opportunity to participate in IIC-led engagements

1.1 Institutional investors to jointly engage with Malaysian public listed companies (PLCs)/investee companies, with purposeful dialogue on the oversight of strategy, performance, relations with stakeholders, the management of risk, including shaping and influencing good CG practices in PLCs.
1.2 Participate in engagements with regulators on market/industry issues (e.g. Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia).

2. Opportunity to jointly promote common objectives e.g. ESG agenda/CG mandate. Signatories can exert influence to other institutional investors and asset managers to inculcate similar CG practices across the board in one platform.

3. Platform for Institutional Investors

3.1 Access to knowledge sharing sessions conducted by institutional investors;

3.2 Invitation to participate in conferences/events organised by IIC/institutional investors at a special member rate; and

3.3 Access to networking opportunities with institutional investors from other countries and international corporate governance bodies.

Who Can Apply

The IIC shall have three classes of membership namely Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. A member is any organisation that is incorporated or organised under the laws of Malaysia which is:

(i) an institutional investor as defined under the Malaysian Code for Institutional Investors (MCII); or

(ii) such organisations which, at the discretion of the Council Board, qualifies for membership of the IIC.

The MCII defines ‘Institutional investors’ as asset owners and asset managers with equity holdings in corporations listed in Bursa Malaysia. Asset owners are collective investment vehicles which collect funds on behalf of their beneficiaries or clients and manage them internally or externally such as pension funds, private retirement scheme providers, insurance companies, takaful operators and investment trusts. Asset managers are agents that are responsible to manage the funds on behalf of the asset owners through an investment mandate.

Fee Information

The applicant for membership of the IIC shall pay a one-off Joining Fee as follows:

Assets Under Management (AUM)
≥ RM100 Billion < RM100 Billion
Joining Fee RM5,000 RM3,000

The Annual Subscription Fee with effect from 1 January 2022 shall be as follows:

 Category Annual Subscription Fee (w.e.f. 1.1.2022) Membership Class
AUM ≥ RM 100 billion


Tier 1

AUM < RM100 billion


Tier 2

Industry Groups


Tier 3


The Applicant must complete and email the Membership Application Form to The Council Board will consider the application and may in its absolute discretion approve or reject an application for membership in accordance with the IIC Constitution. The IIC will notify the Applicant upon approval or rejection of application. The Applicant becomes a member upon payment of the joining fee and annual subscription fee. Please refer to Fee Information.





For any enquiry please contact IIC Secretariat email to