Lya Rahman of IIC passes away



Institutional Investors Council Malaysia (IIC) adviser Jamaliah (Lya) Rahman has passed away on Tuesday morning.

IIC, on its website, said: “With deep regret, we would like to inform you of the sudden demise of Puan Jamaliah (Lya) Rahman early this morning.”

Lya was very passionate on corporate governance and shareholder activism matters and had written articles on the subject matter.

She spent 18 years with the Minority Shareholder Watchdog Group (MSWG) and often raised pertinent issues of concern relating to corporate governance and the rights of minority shareholders at the PLCs’ general meetings.

She was the Asean CG Experts representing Malaysia from 2012 until she left MSWG in 2019, and headed the ASEAN CG Assessment for the Malaysian PLCs under the MSWG-Malaysia CG Index Project during her tenure with MSWG.

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